This is going to sound very odd…

I had an exciting moment in There today as I started to host Tuesday Tiki Talk Trivia events again at the Coconut Club in Maidenflight. I meant to take some video. I intended to capture some screenshots. I ended up doing neither, but I did host the event. I was a bit rusty to say the least, and so were my questions!

I really missed hosting trivia events. I did quite a bundle of them back before There closed in 2010 and it was very nice to host one again. Yes, I did do two test events this fall in beta, but they were pretty limited and more of a test of the buzzers than anything else. So this was one step closer to truly being home. Which, in itself, sounds a bot odd.

I ran into ZachC the other day and he had the same odd feeling, that without a hood, and without designing something new to go in it, he was quickly starting to feel ‘out of place.’ Ok, so those were not his exact words, but that is more how I am feeling, slightly like a third wheel. I know that soon I will be busy with projects and objects and more events than I know what to do with.

I did apply to have my hood reactivated. I am not sure I did that correctly or not though, but while I wait I am trying to take in some time to just enjoy the There I used to know. The There that was not as crowded. The There where I was not deluged with the max number of IM’s the second I logged in. The There that provided fun events I went to instead of hosting them myse… ‘doh!

Too late!

Anyhow I had one more odd moment the other day. I was over at Nurse J’s house and everyone there logged out but me. Nice of the Nurse to trust me with all of her stuff like that. Her couch was very comfy, or at least my avatar thought it was! That was a nice time.

After a hard day in, boy did my avatar’s feet hurt!
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