Miracle Pictures Studios Returns!

It has been an exciting time in There.com recently. First the revival of There run hoods, then shortly thereafter the return of member run neighborhoods. And even more recently the return of previous developer items which can now be re listed in auctions!

However it was getting the Miracle Pictures Studios neighborhood back that pleased me the most. Although it was around for only the last two years before There closed in the winter of 2010, that terrible winter that never seemed to end, it was where I put a lot of my time and effort. Heck it was snowing here in California until June that year. I think someone was none to happy with the closure. During that final week in 2010 I spent a ton of hours there shooting videos and the like, a lot of which has not been finished yet.

Still the sheer joy of having it back again is amazing. It works just as well or even better than it did before!

I took a bunch of video footage the first three days I was decorating the place. The only saved hood layout I had was ancient, and basicly it all had to be redone.  I replaced the 55 meter walls wiht the new 80 meter walls.  I experimented with different entrances, at one point trying to make the entrance a diagonal on the corner, but the terrian was jsut too bumpy to make it work right.  The backlot had a lot of changes too with new 80 meter sections of road that were added in.   Overall I am quite pleased with the new hood and I can not wait until I cna build some new buildings for it!

The video is a tad dull.. Ok mind numbingly dull, but I am determined to record more of what I do these days in there.com so that there is a record of what it was like.

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