It was two years ago today…

I had my old Palm Pilot (Disky called it “That which beeps”) and it still works.  Anyhow I just use it as an alarm clock these days. Except it work me up a half hour early today. I was wondering why it was all dark.

Today marks 2 years since There was closed and one of the saddest days in my life. I was so busy working on projects right up to that final hour that it was not until around 11pm on March 9th 2010 that it even really sunk in, althought there was this odd moment when I realized that the amount of digital tape I had on hand would outlast the end of the world earlier in the evening, or that final hoverboat ride with my freinds.  I guess if I had let it sink in I would not have gotten anything done.

It was so sad how this event shattered and fragmented the Thereian community. Some understood, some did not, and others will never forgive or forget. I wish my friends would all just come back home. Probably not best to dwell on the past too much.

Still plenty to look forward to now and as the years go by today will eventually be just another date on the calendar.

Here are two images of my final seconds of virtual life at 11:58pm on March 9th 2010. I went out at a traditional ‘end of there as we know it” party at the Aero Longue.

This one was taken about 10 seconds before there closed.

I had a second machine attached to the video camera, and when there shut down two minutes early I was cought by surprise, but it took a second longer to boot the old slow machine with the camera. The image froze but stayed in place just long enough for me to grab this final snapshot of the very last of my There life.

How did you spend your final There 1 moments?

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2 thoughts on “It was two years ago today…

  1. Ha I am sorry I missed your party so many names I recognize! But I was home in dragon’s hollow, standing around with my closest friends just chatting as long as we could. love seeing your perspective on things Francis.

  2. Kitte

    Since I, Kitte, had closed up the URU / Myst Online many times, it seemed only appropriate to spend the last half hour with the URU Community at the URU Island Hood on North Motu Motu. It was such a sad moment and seemed safe to be with people who care about each other through all adversities. (I don’t know why I had to feel safe, perhaps because I was so overwhelmed by the closing of world I always felt would have lasted forever.)

    However, I did come to your event Francis7 at the Aero Lounge earlier in the evening to wish a good portion of my Therian friends a very sad ‘good bye’. The group of Therians who assembled at your events was amazing. Noticeably you were working the video cameras to the last minute when you popped to begin your event wearing your amazing superhero costume. (BTW, the video you put together using that custume was just wonderful. Good job, as always.)

    Although I’m just newly back into There, I still have mixed feelings about being There. You know the typical, “Will There last?”; “Can we trust There not to close tomorrow?”. . . Being the UOT Vice Dean, however, the opportunity for the UOT instructors to begin again teaching in There is great and with the re-establishment of the University of There under UOT Director Soede as a division of the Unversity of Terra, I think will make some feel the re-adjustment in There more normal and perhaps hopeful.

    I just want to add that I have always understood your strong emotions about the closing of There as over the months after There closed, you put together all of those amazing videos. Editing thousands of Therian scene shots over the months after the closing was extremely emotional for me, but then I realized that editing videos would have been worse. You are an amazing individual Francis. God bless you.


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