Those Darn Doors!

For the past three days I have been working on a door.  I needed a door for the landing bay set I have been building.

Anyhow I was about 1/2 way done making this landing bay when it became obvious that I needed to make at least one door for people to enter and exit.  So I stoped to make THE DOOR!

This darn thing took forever.  I wanted to use the LOD distance trick to make it open as you got closer to it and close as you walked away.   I fiddled and fiddled and eventualy got a shape I liked. I really had not spent too much time thinking of the look for the ship, but for this door I needed to have a logo on the door, so I had to take more time out to design that.  Overall I think the symbol of old school rocket launching with a ringed planet and a star is pretty cool looking and very retro. I worried that it might be too art deco looking though.

Anyhow I slapped that on top of a texture I made for some posts in the landing bay that I did not use and  I was well on my way to making a door.   Unfortunately I found out that it was the same texture I had made on the pillars around the door, so it messed those textures all up and I had to re-do the doors as a seprate texture!  Oh well I have not been building much in the past two years. I need to get my grove back.. or find my mojo or something!

So I finished the door and it worked and opened and closed and I did a test submit and I could not get it to work. LOD2 still had way too many verts in it no matter how much I cut away at it.

So today I dedided to start a different approach. I made the frame as one object. This lets me have two animations on the frame which is way cool and I can change those to solid textures if I need to make a different looking door  frame.

Then the door which opens is a seprate object. I took advantage of this and added in some animation onto that in the form of a small monitor screen and a keybaord placed on the opposite side on the collum. Maybe I can get a joke out of that… “Who designed this.. you cant see the screen from the keybaord!!!:  Oh well  Its about ready to submit as too objects. I still have some placement issues to fix on the monitor itself. It uses an addative property to make it sort of futuristic and glowy and as a result the box behind it can not touch the pillar behind it, or it would show through where they intersect.  Still that should not take long.  Then I can start work on non animated textures and such for variations. I guess I can make an airlock door and a few other things out of it.  I may also make the opening part of the door  with tome variations. Mayeb one with a broken keybaord or a montor tha is only showing static hanging from a wire or something.

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