Let’s get one thing straight…

I am happy to help you with any technical issues I can. I am also happy to help with answering basic questions about how there.works to people who are new, or even older members who are just learning how to host events and such.
If you are new to There.com I am happy to take you on a hoverbaot tour or answer basic questions.
I am happy to help you understand the differences between a there house and a there clubhouse or other decorating issues.

I am happy to take your suggestions for what I should make next, although it may be years before I get around to modeling it.

I am happy to help you with issues with items I have created in the past, like relisting an item not in auctions. Ok maybe not happy, but a lot of then can be tricky to put together and I will help you set them out or configure them when I have the time.

I am happy to help with developer issues like when you have verts that are way too close together and you need to know how to weld them. I can at least point you in the direction of the right tutorial.



I do not work for There.com.  I do not have Samsyn or any of the other hard working employees at Makenna on speed dial, or even have a clue what their phone numbers are.

So why do people constantly IM me, send me messages on Facebook, e-mail me, or leave odd comments on my YouTube videos demanding things like refunds and the like in all caps?

I have had six of these since this past Saturday. Two of them multile times, the same message over and over.

If you are sending your ‘freinds’ on Facebook demanding things in ALL CAPS and the like, you might expect ‘your freinds’ them to unfriend you at once.

I am sorry you are leaving there.com and will not give a reason why until people pry it out of you on Facebook after a whole bunch of comments, however I don’t want to read about it on my wall.

I am sorry if your account was banned for some reason that does not make sense to you or even to me. Consider e-mailing someone who can actually do something to help you. feedback@thereinc.com might be a good place to start. As it says at the bottom of the FAQ linked on the there.com front page:

“None of this helped me! How can I notify you of my problem?

Please send us an email to ‘feedback@thereinc.com’ with as many details as possible, but please do not forgot to include your avatar name in some prominent location in the email. “

I probably should just make a macro with that information it and spam it back to people when they demand things of me.

I am sorry if you can’t get there.com to work and you want a refund when the page you were on when you signed up said you would NOT be getting a refund back. Please consider reading the ‘not so fine print’ before clicking accept. Please also consider not harassing the other paying members of the service with your non issues. The FAQ on the front page mentions this as well “There are no refunds for subscription payments. ” http://www.there.com/newFAQ.htm and even if there were, why demand it from me?

Speaking of which, I know you play Star Wars The Old Republic. I played that for a while but I hated it and then they charged my credit card an extra month after my membership was canceled. So I demand that YOU, even though you don’t work for Electronic Arts or Bioware, get out there and get me my refund NOW!



Do the rest of you get stuff like this all the time or is it just me?
I also should point out I hate rants and I am upset by what I just wrote above.

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One thought on “Let’s get one thing straight…

  1. I used to get people who wanted me to help them and thought I was part of There.com a lot. I don’t anymore thank goodness. I still get comments on my videos on Youtube asking me to unban them, or some odd illiterate comment about There sucking. I delete them, ignore them and move on. Sorry you are getting a lot of it. Prolly because you are a superstar!

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