No I will not be making that for you… at least for now.

I am constantly distracted by side projects and people asking me to make this and that for them.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  Progress on my new series ground to a halt after Disky passed away. When I got back into designing things for my series there was always someone asking me to make this or that for them.  It became almost impossible to got to any event in There, even my own, without someone asking me to make something for them.  I think it is great you want a prop on your back, but didn’t you just hear the person sitting next to you ask me to make something else for them a few seconds ago?  Most of the ideas are great and the items are cool, but I have already provided adequate in world classes on how to create you own items, as well as more than a dozen you tube videos  detailing the entire process.

Frankly I need the time to do my own projects.  Diskyland is mostly empty.  I am about 20 props and 10 sets away from being able to shoot my new series in There. I am taking a break from doing things for others and concentrating on making my own projects for the next few months.

Here is a link to my video page on YouTube. You will have to scroll down to find the Gmax Boot Camp classes, but if you watch those few videos (the basic 4 get you making an object in about 2 hours time) you will gain 90% of my knowledge of making things for

One note of change.  The installers for the previewer and builder kids DO contain the installer for the gmax exporter. However they do NOT make a start menu item.  You will have to seek out the file and then run it. It is an installer but creates no start menu icon.. No idea why.  It is mentioned as not being released in the videos. There clarified it IS in there.  I tested it and it indeed works.  Just search for gmax or g-max and you should find it.

Now get out there and start designing.

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