Changes at the Cinema

I just read an article on a web blog about dancing Groot and why it was not released as a toy in combination with the release of the film.   Basically the toy news would have gotten out and spoiled this bit of the film.  However the world new about this after the release of the movie. People were probably tweeting about it during the end credits of the very first showing.

This got me thinking.  Basically there is no longer any reason to want to see a film on the opening day… aside from wanting to be the very first to tweet the cute ending bit to all your friends and ruin it for everyone I guess.

There once was a very good reason to go see the movie at the very first showing.  That was because of film.  Film wears out.  If you have a cheap theater and idiot projectionists (like the theaters in my home town) that film would be beat up all the heck by the third or fourth showing.  If you waited a week or more you probably were looking at long scratches and perhaps splices and bits missing.

Today there really is no more mainstream film in cinemas. I have not seen a movie projected using film in several years. The movie I watched last was Guardians of the Galaxy and I saw it about 2 weeks after it came out. It was pristine in it’s digital glory, now only if the theater here would get a new screen as that one they are using has a big dark spot on it… Oh well. I guess if I had gone the first showing the dancing Groot might have been a fun surprise.  I now wait until the run is almost over before seeing most movies.  Fewer people, but the movies look just as good as opening day!

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